Welcome to my brand new website, which will allow you to explore my artistic journey and offer you the opportunity to invest in my artwork.

You can view my artwork in multiple ways, including a focus on either exclusive originals or the amazing range of prints & merchandise from Redbubble. Alternatively, you can view the full range of artworks, including originals which have been sold.

Prefer a slideshow? You can view one here: Artwork Slideshow. You can jump to an artwork’s product page while viewing the slideshow.

For those who already know what they want, you can jump straight to the Artwork Shop and view originals for sale, Redbubble prints & merchandise only or peruse the full artwork range. You can purchase via credit card, PayPal and other common methods.

If you need framing services, you can also purchase my originals from Bluethumb, which offers custom frame options.

The description of each artwork product page includes the Bluethumb link and when available, the Redbubble prints & merchandise link.

On key pages, located at the top right hand side, you will find a HELP button, which will provide details on how to get the most from the page.

Apart from my focus on creating art, I would be very pleased to hear your suggestions for how the website could provide you with a better experience. Please write to me here with your suggestions: Contact.

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Thank you for visiting!